Curating new exhibition with artist Sally Green

January 26, 2024
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It is odd isn’t it, how some things are like riding a bike – you never really forget. For me curating art exhibitions is just like this. In my ‘previous life’ I used to curate art shows every six weeks and did this for too many years to mention, loving (almost) every minute of it.

And this week I was back at it, this time at HaverHub in Haverfordwest with my good friend and brilliantly talented artist, Sally Green.

Late last year (November I think it was) I offered Sally the opportunity for a solo exhibition at HaverHub (where I am currently doing some guest curating) – which gave her only two months to pull the work together. And she did more than that – she excelled herself with new work (some still slightly damp when we were hanging them – such was the pressure of the deadline!) that shows how she is exploring new ideas and exciting new methods of working.

I loved curating this and the resulting exhibition is stunning and is open for viewing. If you are in Haverfordwest I highly recommend seeing it!