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January 25, 2024
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Today (25 January) marks the 70th anniversary since the BBC’s transmission of the first radio broadcast of Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood, with Richard Burton in the lead as First Voice. The play was recorded with an all Welsh cast and the music recorded on 15 and 16 January at Laugharne School – where my mum, a Laugharnie by birth, was on the those children’s voices in the songs.

Tomorrow night I am giving my talk on the origins and legacy of Under Milk Wood at Narberth, as part of a series of Dylan Thomas events I have organised in conjunction with the exhibition of Seimon Pugh Jones’ Milk Wood inspired art works, which I had the good fortune to curate.

Preparing for the talk has been a fascinating journey and its been wonderful revisiting all my Dylan books to get an insight into the creation of this fantastical beast. So much has been written about this wonderful play for voices and how it became almost a burden for Dylan – it can be argued that it helped him on his way to his premature death. However it remains a masterpiece and well worth celebrating. And though standing up in front of a crowd of people is not high on my lists of things within my comfort zone, I am looking forward to sharing the many stories around its creation.