I offer a selection of approximately hour long talks on Welsh film, art and aspects of Welsh history. Please contact me for price and availability. If there is a topic you are specifically looking for, please get in touch and we can discuss it.
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augustus john

Augustus John – an assessment of his life and artistic career

A detailed exploration of the colourful life of artist Augustus John (1878 – 1961). This traces the artist through his early days in Tenby, his time at the Slade, his work as a portrait artist and his later life. Filled with anecdote, reminiscences and critical insights.

Writers of Pembrokeshire (George Eliot)

World of Words - Writers and Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire has close connections with several notable writers. This talk explores many of these, ranging from Daniel Defoe through to Tony Curtis.
Exorcist Talk

The Exorcist – looking at the reaction of Tenby on its first showing

Is The Exorcist one of the best scary movies ever made? I think so. And so, in this talk I will be exploring how the film was received in Tenby when it was first shown in 1973 as well as looking in more detail at the film and its legacy.
Richard Burton talk

Richard Burton – a personal look at my top 10 Burton films

As an amateur but enthusiastic film buff and a huge fan of Welsh actors, this personal look into my favourite Welsh actor explores what I feel to be his top ten performances. Filled with behind-the-scenes information, colourful and insightful anecdote and close examination of these wonderful films.
Kenneth griffith talk

Kenneth Griffith – Tilting at Windmills

Tenby born Kenneth Griffith was not only a well-respected actor but also a notable maker of often controversial documentaries. This talk explores several of these documentaries in detail.
Kenneth griffith talk

Dylan Thomas and Under Milk Wood

Having previously written fairly extensively on Dylan Thomas, in this talk I will be exploring the development of Under Milk Wood throughout Dylan’s life as well as looking at how it remains so important and vital in our culture.

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Welsh Not

The Welsh Not

A look at the form of punishment used on pupils that was utilised to try and subdue the use of the Welsh language in schools in the 19th century.
objects and slavery

Everyday Objects and their connections to slavery

How often do we make use of objects without realising their darker connections? This informative talk will look at a series of objects and materials that have a story to tell about the slave trade.
blackborrow and evans

Percy Blackborrow and Edgar Evans – Welsh polar explorers

Percy (Perce) Blackborrow from Newport was a stowaway on Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance expedition to cross Antarctica via the South Pole and Edgar Evans from Rhosilli sailed with Robert Scott on the ill-fated Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole. Hear how these two Wesh sailors earned their place in polar history.